Our Process

Our goal at OpenCounter is to bring modern software solutions to public sector challenges. This committment goes beyond the products we build and reveals itself in all aspects of our work with cities.

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Public Sector Experts
Our account team comes from the public sector, so we know the processes and vocabulary of the city's project team.
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No Integrators
While many companies turn over the configuration phase to third-party integrators, typically paid on a time and materials basis, OpenCounter handles the entire configuration process from beginning to end. This means that we can ensure the speed and quality of the project. For us, a signed contract is the beginning of an engagement, not the end.
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Our products are delivered as a hosted and managed solution, meaning that there are no surprises for IT when it’s time to set up the service, and no perpetual licenses or big up-front costs. It also means that we are invested in and financially aligned with our customers’ success over the entire life of the engagement.
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Agile Development
We use tools like Basecamp and Zendesk to manage the configuration process while using modern project management techniques to ensure the project is moving forward. We pride ourselves on setting up OpenCounter in a matter of months, not years.

Success Stories

San diego

4 months

October 2016
"Our experience with Open Counter has been incredible. The rapidity they respond, the quality of the product and the knowledge they have about land uses and permits is essential to our success. We are happy this innovative product will enhance the experience in San Diego when obtaining permits."
Bubble green Erik Caldwell, Economic Development Director
Salt lake city

5 months

October 2017
"Until now, there have been very few tools to give entrepreneurs and small business owners a clear breakdown of the processes involved. OpenCounter eliminates confusion on both sides of the counter, giving staff a powerful suite of tools to analyze proposed projects, and giving citizens a level of service that reduces the discovery process from weeks down to a few minutes."
Bubble green Lara Fritts, Economic Development Director

4 months

October 2015
"OpenCounter has been a partner in delivering user-centered services to our residents with great results at a fraction of the cost and time it would have taken from other vendors or to build in-house."
Bubble green Matt Broffman, Digital Platforms and Service Design

6 months

October 2016, including County
"The City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County has a complex zoning ordinance and two jurisdictions for permitting. Open Counter was able to overcome this challenge and make our processes much more seamless and user friendly. Open Counter provided us with courteous, responsible and accessible quality service which has allowed us to implement this quality tool for the benefit of our citizens."
Bubble green Nan Peterson, Customer Service and Permitting Manager

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